– Staged Photographic Images

I have built models of fictitious rooms in a scale of 1:10. Each room functions as a self-contained model. One can assemble the modules in varying combinations, allowing the viewer to look through one room to another. The subject matter is similar to that of my painting, a rural manor environment in a state of decay. Associations with the narrative and time aspects of film are also present.

I create all the household fixtures myself. I use what I find; a fishing hook may become a crystal chandelier, a modified key a candlestick and wine bottle may even be remodelled into a tiled stove. In this manner objects are rendered an expression completely different from the original intention, a button may form the basic design of a ceramic platter. The appearance more often than not closely corresponds with that of the full-scale object, if however somewhat obviously displaced. The subdued, warm tones of light produce a soft Hammershoi or Tarkovsky-like afternoon glow. The furniture is draped with sheets (parched paper) and the boxes are waiting to be collected. But nobody comes. The house remains sealed, inexorable decay its faithful guest.